Our culture of care at GMP Exploration Drilling sets us apart.

The safety and health of our team and our colleagues on worksites is always our first priority.


Our management team is committed to being on-site and hands-on, making sure our drilling teams have the equipment, systems and support to address risks and stay safe.

We prioritise the health and safety of our people by:

  • Promoting a healthy and safe work environment

  • Supporting client-based safety programs

  • Reporting unsafe conditions and incidents promptly

  • Providing training that is practical, occupational and equipment-focused



At GMP Exploration Drilling we strive to minimise the footprint we leave on any site.

Mitigation or reduction of any potential environmental harm is central to the planning of all our drilling operations. For example, but not limited to:

  • Above ground sumps are offered to all clients.

  • Spill kits


The purpose of our procedures we have used will protect:

  • The natural environment including land, air and water

  • Flora and Fauna

  • Sites of archaeological, cultural and natural significance